Childhood diseases

We know that children are our future. However, Tasmanians, particularly young children and mothers, face some of the most concerning health disparities and chronic diseases in the country. It’s an issue that we are working hard to change to positively improve the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Sadly, Tasmanians have the highest rate of premature births in the country, with these babies being at much greater risk of disabilities and even death. This alarming statistic can be attributed to several factors, including high rates of smoking and obesity during pregnancy. However, thanks to the generosity of our community, the Foundation has funded several ground-breaking studies to improve the health of mums and their new bubs. A recent three year study led by Dr Michelle Kilpatrick developed strategies to guide expectant mothers toward healthier weight gains during pregnancy and allow them to make positive lifestyle changes for both them and their babies. Prior to this the Foundation funded the Hobart Method to reduce ongoing respiratory problems for babies born too soon; an innovative medical procedure that has been so successful that it has now been adopted in 33 neonatal intensive care units across 11 countries!

The Foundation is committed to improving the health outcomes of children as they grow older too. We recently funded a pioneering project spearheaded led by Dr Viet Tran, which examined why more kids and teenagers have been presenting to the Emergency Department with mental health conditions and what can be done to support them.

However, we could not do this life-saving work without your support. We need your help to allow our researchers to continue to unravel the complexities of childhood diseases and give our children the best start to life. Please donate today and make a difference to the next generation.