Community support is tackling prostate cancer rate in Tasmania

Published on
2 February 2024
Dr Kelsie Raspin in UTAS lab

As we commemorate World Cancer Day on 4 February 2024, we want to highlight how the generous support of our Foundation donors are tackling Tasmania’s high prostate cancer rates.

Thanks to community support, the Foundation is funding a study focused on precision care for men with prostate cancer, a disease that affects over 25000 men in Australia each year. The study, led by Dr Kelsie Raspin, will examine how prostate cancer care can be transformed through a consumer-engaged approach, ensuring that patient insights and preferences spearhead this medical revolution.

The dedicated research team are doing this by recruiting Tasmanian men diagnosed with high-grade prostate cancer, establishing a core outcome set for genomic prostate cancer medicine and creating an invaluable database of rare prostate cancer variants identified in high-grade prostate cancer patients.

Since launching in 2023, the research team have already made substantial headway on the genetic analysis of prostate cancer. Initial participants in the study have had their DNA examined through whole-genomic sequencing, and the researchers are now investigating rare variants considered clinically actionable. This information will be given to the participants, which may provide them with vital information about why they have prostate cancer and may then inform their future treatment decisions.  

Ove the next two years, the team will recruit more participants and undertake further whole-genome sequencing to unveil further insights into prostate cancer genetics. They will also establish a Variant Curation Database, which is set to be a linchpin in future prostate cancer research and treatment.

Precision Care for Men with Prostate Cancer is more than a study — it's a testament to genomic innovation, community engagement, and hope, steering us towards a future where cancer treatment is as personalised as the DNA it seeks to unravel. We thank all our donors for their support and allowing us to help improve the health outcomes of men with prostate cancer.