Meet your researcher - Dr Niamh Chapman

Published on
22 November 2022
Dr Niamh Chapman

Dr Niamh Chapman is an emerging force in Tasmanian medical research, with a special interest in heart disease. She shares how she got into the field and how the Foundation’s grant funding has furthered her research.

What made you want to get into medical research?

I have always been passionate about equity in society and eventually, I found my way to public health. Early mentors were instrumental in encouraging me to pursue a career in medical research.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a medical researcher in Tasmania?

Tasmania has some of the worst health statistics in Australia, so there is an urgent need to tackle these health and social issues. Researchers can work with local healthcare providers, the community, and other researchers to identify solutions. The Foundation plays such a key role in this process, and it is so exciting to benefit directly from that.

How has the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation funding helped you achieve your research goals?

I aim to undertake research that has real improvements for our local community. The Foundation funding enabled me to do just that, as I worked closely with a local cardiologist, Dr Andrew Black, to identify ways to improve the delivery of a clinic to manage chest pain.

What unexpected things have you learned along the way as a medical researcher?

I am amazed at how generous and supportive the research community is! I am also surprised how much I get to link with community members, healthcare providers, and policymakers as part of my work.

What research project do you have planned next?

So many! One project I’m looking to start work on will allow me to compare the way chest pain is managed across the country, to identify what is working well and what could be improved.

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